cwpc participates in sichuan-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 cwpc participates in sichuan-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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cwpc participates in sichuan-europe economic and trade promotion


  in order to promote deep and extensive cooperation between sichuan and european enterprises,  from may 31 to june 9 in 2014, wang dongming, secretary of sichuan provincial party committee, leads a delegation to visit france,german and  netherlands consisting of cwpc president yang jun and heads of other tens of well-known sichuan engterprises including wuliangye group, huaxi construction group, new hope group, chengdu airport group, di’ao group and taifeng group,  etc.
  during this event, wang dongming and other entrepreneurs visited and investigated futune global 500 enterprises including dutch state mines, siemens, philips and shell group, etc. and exchanged ideas extensively with senior leaders from those enterprises on expanding and deepening cooperative space between each other. through this visit, cwpc has also enhanced communication with european leading enterprises in the fields of new energy utilization and clean coal combustion technologies, etc. cwpc got to know european industrial situation and their requirements in the aspect of law, finance and tax administration, etc. from the headquarter of deloitte group in german, dla law office, probed into every possible ways of cooperation in the aspects of commerce and technologies and had face-to face talks with some of the enterprises, which has laid a solid foundation for its deep cooperation with european enterprises in the future.