sailing with wind of one belt one road, cwpc made another new brilliance-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 sailing with wind of one belt one road, cwpc made another new brilliance-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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sailing with wind of one belt one road, cwpc made another new brilliance

cwpc signed epc contracts of waste-to-energy power plant with sps of thailand.
with the foundation of asian infrastructure investment bank (aiib), it creates a good opportunity to deepen new strategy to develop national economy .on july 11,2015,cwpc signed five epc contracts with sps1999 of thailand with daily capacity :600 tons .total contract value is up to 1.64 billion rmb.signing theses five epc contracts indicates that cwpc has made another new brilliance after it successfully entered markets in pakistan. important members of the government from both sides attended and witnessed signing ceremony including  mr. lei hongjin (secretary of zigong municipal party committee ), general akanith mueansawad(consultant to the prime minister of thailand ,vice-chairman of  energy commission) general uthit soontorn(member of reform commission), general surasak srisak(secretary-general of national defense commission), lieutenant general decha punyaban( member of national council for peace and order).
as a supplier of power equipment of new energy and solutions, with 30 years’ experience in heavy equipment, cwpc is the only pubic-listed company which is able to undertake equipment manufacturing ,epc and investment operation .it has comprehensive advantages like technology innovation , excellent performance, complete product series ,solutions and diversified services ,etc.sps1999 is a company which focuses on waste-to-energy in thailand and is committed to processing the waste in thailand and round it .it obtained the first waste-to-energy power generation certificate which was issued by thailand government.
chairman of sps1999 frankly said that facing the current condition of waste in thailand, they have been always looking for a good solution for waste processing and companies of energy saving and environmental protection worldwide .what cwpc has made in this field makes us satisfied .and he also predicts these five epc contracts would be the leading projects in southeast asia markets. 90 waste-to-energy power plants will be constructed in the future in thailand .sps1999 hopes that there would be close cooperation between sps1999 and cwpc . these projects have gotten full support from thailand government. general akanith mueansawad highly affirms the technical achievements made by cwpc and emphasizes that waste issue in thailand has been promoted to a level of national strategy; therefore, the corporation between sps1999 and cwpc can practically solve this issue.
chairman li renchao of cwpc said these projects will be conducted respectively in  khon kaen, si sa ket, udon thani and  loei.and they  would be the precious achievements that cwpc is going to make in the field of electric environmental protection in thailand and would be useful to promote brand of cwpc and show the advanced technology of cwpc to the world .both sides will closely cooperate to present a beautiful environmental name card to the world , solve the waste issue in thailand and boost  renewable energy sources strategy .
after these projects are built, 97% discharge of solid pollutants will be reduced and it reaches the strictest emission standard of euro is definite that these projects will deepen the friendship between china and thailand , make contribution to the steady development of zigong and help sichuan province demonstrate its advantages as a strategic link and core backland .cwpc will be more committed to making  “made in china” step in the world market and providing endless green power for one belt one road strategy .