cwpc successfully step foot in african markets-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 cwpc successfully step foot in african markets-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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cwpc successfully step foot in african markets


on august 1 ,2015,an awarding ceremony for a high efficiency and clean project (3*120mw ) whose contract amount is 571.5 million u.s.dollars between cwpc and archean group was held at city celebrity hotel showing that cwpc successfully step foot in african markets after pakistan and thailand and make another new brilliance.
cwpc is the only listed company which at the same time has the capability in the field of equipment manufacturing,epc  and investment operation .after 30 years,cwpc persist in the development of differentiation, and is professional in the field of energy saving and environmental protection boiler and special boiler of new energy while we have already been mature in the field of utility boiler. we have developed combustion technologies of high-tech boiler using pulverized coal, biomass and blast furnace gas,etc. as fuel ,owned hundreds of utility patents and a lot “industry first”, formed product series mainly covering supercritical, subcritical pc boiler and cfb boiler and new equipment series mainly covering waste-to-energy boiler ,biomass boiler , desalination heat island,bfg boiler and alkali recovery boiler ,capacity ranging from 35t/h to 2070t/ the same time ,we carry out epc projects relying on core team, equipment and technologies .we have gotten more than 20 epc projects and gained satisfaction in international and domestic market. we find out business opportunities through those epc projects, begin to invest in the field of solid waste and finance .in a way of holdings or joint stock, we have successfully gotten involved in investment operation business of more than 10 waste-to-energy power plants with daily treatment of 12000 tons. we are also the first majority shareholder of zigong commercial bank preliminarily realizing the role from an equipment manufacturer to a solution supplier and good situation of integration of industry and finance. our products and services have covered nearly 50 countries and regions.
archen group is the largest solar salt manufacturer in asia and the first industrial salt manufacturer who owns iso certification with revenue about one billion usd.its business includes industrial salt, construction materials, shipping, oil and gas and renewable energy sources,etc.and covers china , bahrain, indonesia, senegal, netherlands and united arab emirates,etc.
the republic of senegal is located in west africa with abundant mineral resources and population of 14.2 million, covering an area of square kilometers. it is a typical agricultural country. according to statistics of international energy agency. annual generating capacity in senegal in 2011 is 3014 gig watts-hour. generating capacity of oil fired power plant accounts for 86% of that of all power plants. sadly, oil-fired power plant not only causes pollution but also causes severe financial deficit of senegal government .after this project is finished, annual generating capacity of 2.8 billion kilowatt-hour will be added, it will relieve electric shortage ,improve self-supply ability, help senegal break through the pattern that letting oil-fired power plant be the main ,change energy structure and improve environmental pollution.
this is another important project in west africa .we will strictly perform contract ,select top talents of cwpc to build an excellent project with good quality and a demonstration project  with our most advanced technologies and sweet services .it is a project that will bring welfare to the people in senegal.cwpc would like to be with archen group together to provide people in africa with continuous green energy resource.