cwpc signs an epc contract with izdemir enerji elektric urerim a.s.for an efficient ,cleaning supercritical power plant (1*370mw)-凯发国际k8官网登录手机

 cwpc signs an epc contract with izdemir enerji elektric urerim a.s.for an efficient ,cleaning supercritical power plant (1*370mw)-凯发国际k8官网登录手机
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cwpc signs an epc contract with izdemir enerji elektric urerim a.s.for an efficient ,cleaning supercritical power plant (1*370mw)

on june 27, 2016,cwpc signed an epc contract with izdemir enerji elektric urerim a.s.for an efficient ,cleaning supercritical power plant .total amount of this contract is 164 million u.s.dollars .this is another new project in european market after we signed a contract with ecrosplan in german for a sea water desalination project last year, its daily output is 100,000 tons . it is the first epc project for supercritical units in turkey .signing this new contract consolidates european market under one belt one road for us and at the same time provides us a good opportunity to transform and upgrade.
china western power industrial co., ltd. is a listed company engaging in environmental protection industry, new energy industry and investment & operation. (abbreviation:cwpc ;ticker symbol:002630)a 3 x model of equipment manufacturing, epc and investment & operation has been implemented, realizing structural adjustment and transformation & upgrading of company. with the breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing, cwpc has been the forefront in this industry. we have searched and developed plant equipment independently and manufactured it in batches, which make us be the national echelon in the field of whole series, high-parameter and clean combustion boiler and equipment .currently, with the help of intelligent manufacturing, cwpc implements broad manufacturing strategy ,improves process layout , stabilizes product quality ,reduces production cycle and promotes competitive tightly grasping the national strategy of one belt and one road,cwpc has signed epc and investment contracts (total amount of these contracts is more than seven billion rmb)  with pakistan and thailand , 2015,exploring an eastern market for us under one belt one road.up to now ,more than 20 epc projects have been successfully completed ,which have made a solid foundation for us to being the world-class engineering company .through investment and operation ,cwpc has improved the structural system for energy saving and environmental protection and new energy system solutions. by investing zigong commercial bank ,cwpc has become the largest shareholder ,realizing integration of industry and finance. by investing guangdong bohai xinneng environmental protection co.,ltd.,cwpc has filled the blank in the field of waste-to-energy operation ,now ,daily waste processing capacity of cwpc reaches 12,000 tons. in the future ,by investing and developing solar thermal electric power generation, shale gas and grapheme application ,cwpc will occupy the high ground in the field of new energy and new material ,improve and promote financial management and build a ve and pe team to accumulate strength for being a longevous company .
ize was founded in 2007,which is under idc group (izmir demir celik sanyi a.s.).it is listed in istanbul and is a large-scale iron and steel group with strong strength .turkey is located in westernmost side of asia, which is a bridge of eurasia. therefore, turkey has its unique strategic meaning. specificity of its geographic position has been notable since ancient silk road was formed .it is also the key country to implement one belt and one road strategy for china.
however, energy shortage in turkey is severe .black out over the country is quite normal .demand for energy in turkey is huge .currently ,power generation capacity in turkey still cannot meets domestic demands. it is now accelerating the development of coal-based power, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and nuclear energy. “turkey -2023”plan makes its total installed capacity promoted to 125,000mw. with the increase of population and development of economy, energy is one of most potential fields for investment. prompt production and completion of this project will not only promote local economy and be beneficial to owner, but also have profound influence for us in european market .this project will play an important role to generate power for izmir, the third biggest city and its surrounding regions, make contributions to energy construction and economic development, help enterprises in zigong, even in sichuan go out under one belt one road to expand development space ,improve economic development in zigong and sichuan ,make a hit in international market for the brands of made in zigong and made in sichuan .cwpc will gather quality human ,technology and management recourses, strictly follow the rules in contract ,design and organize elaborately and focus on project schedule and quality to make this project a fine , demonstrative and advertising project ,to let people in turkey enjoy the bright prospects brought by investment of ize and the welfare made by cwpc .cwpc would like to cooperate with all partners to provide continuous green power for the markets we serve like eastern europe, middle east, central asia, africa and america.